Using Mashup Context

Use the Mashup Context to send contextual information from an M3 program directly to the Mashup context application.
  1. Open a program.
  2. Select Tools > Context Publisher > > Context Publisher.
  3. In the Mashup Context window, specify this information:
    Specify the name of the mashup.
    Specify the application within the mashup to show the context application.
    Default Values
    This field can hold startup parameters for the mashup. Valid fields are located in this list. Double-click the field name to add to the Default Values field. The value is divided in key-value pairs separated by a semi-colon, where the key is the name of the parameter in the mashup and the value is the field name in the M3 program.

    To reset the values, click Use Default.

    If you select Auto Publish, these entities are automatically published, regardless of which record you open.

  4. Click Save.
  5. Verify the mashup in the Mashup context application.
    Note: Context Publisher data is stored as personalization.