Search using a macro

  1. Open the list panel of the program where to perform the search.
  2. Identify which column to base your search on and take note of the column ID.
  3. Identify the macro that is applicable for your search criteria.
    The types of macros that are supported in the search are date macros and user-related macros. You can also include variables in your search, such as <USID> for user ID or <ITNO> for field ID.
  4. Specify the criteria in the search box. The criteria consists of the column ID and the macro.
    To find records that were created during a specific period of time, you can use date macros.

    Date macros include YEAR(x), MONTH(x), WEEK(x), and DATE(x), where (x) is any positive or negative number that is relative to the current date.

    If you want the list to be filtered against the Order Date column (column ID: ORDT), and to show only the records within the range covering from 30 days before the current date until the current date, use ORDT:[DATE(-30) TO DATE(0)].