Configuring a timescale

  1. Open the program with a Gantt chart.
  2. Right-click the chart and select Main Timescale.
  3. Set the timescale:
    • Hour

      Select from these options: Extra large, Large, Normal, Small.

    • Day

      Select from these options: Normal, Small.

    • Month
    • Quarter
  4. To change the settings for days or hours, right-click to open the context menu and then select Non-Work Settings.
    In the dialog box that is displayed, create changes for the days or hours. These changes are reflected in the timescale. The days or hours that are set as "non-work" are grayed-out in the timescale. You cannot drag and drop items in the grayed-out portion of the timescale.

    You can also select Compressed Non-Work Setting. Selecting this setting will modify the display of the non-work hours. The hours are shown as ranges, for example 13:00-17:00, on a single scale.

  5. You can manually refresh the data in the chart. Right-click the chart and select Disable Auto Refresh.