Modifying the panel sequence

Use this procedure to modify the sequence of the panels through the panel navigator. Reordering the panels only applies to the current session.
  1. Open a program. The program must be in the B panel.
    Panel navigator is displayed only in the detail panels. Whereas, the dialog box for editing the panel navigator can only be accessed from the B panel.
  2. From the menu bar, click Panel Navigator. The Edit Panel Navigator dialog box is displayed.
    • To reorder the panels, click Direct Change. Specify the new panel order and press Enter.

      You can access Direct Change immediately by pressing Ctrl+D.

      To reorder panels manually, drag and drop the panels in the preferred sequence.

    • To add a panel to the current sequence, click Add Panel and select from the list.
    • To delete a panel, drag and drop the panel vertically from the sequence.
  3. Click Save.
    Note: The panels will return to the default standard sequence when you start a new session of the program.