Searching for Util

Use this procedure to search for Utils of M3 Business Engine (BE) system and version.

  1. On the Search tab, click Search By System Configuration.
  2. In the Keywords field, specify a keyword to search.
  3. Select an MDP BE System to use.
  4. Select an entity: Util.
  5. Click the link to More Options for additional search filter.
    • Select a Component.
    • Set the Search Limit. The default value is 500.
  6. Click Search.

    On the Search Results tab, the Entity: Total match, and a data list is displayed:

    Util Name
    The name of the Util.
    The component of the Util.
  7. Component of the Util.
    • To sort the results alphabetically or numerically, click the Sort icon located in one or more column headings.

    • To filter the results, click the Filter icon in the last column and type a dynamic free text filter for each column.

    • To view util relations, click Util name.