Collector limitations

The same limitations regarding parallel repeating input elements, as with the Restructure widget, apply for Collector loops. In the Timesheets example, you cannot, for example, add a repeating element for employee address and link the element to a loop in parallel with the TimeCollectLoop.

For example, if you use two "if" statements in the TimeCollectLoop loop to populate the parameters Date, Project, and Hours differently, you cannot put these collectors in these if statements:

  • Collector_1 in the first if statement

  • Collector_2 in the second if statement.
    Note: Collector_2 has the same parameters as Collector_1.

This example will give you two Collector functions containing the same parameters, and you cannot link from both Collector functions to the Restructure functions.

If statements must be before the Collector function, preparing data for Date, Project, and Hours in variables. Then, after the if statements, and on the same structural level, place the Collector function using the variables as input.

The same restriction regarding loop levels, as with the Restructure widget, applies for Collector loops. In the given example, you cannot have an Employee without Time elements. If this happens, the innermost Collector widget, Collector_1, will not be called for that Employee, and the Employee will not be saved.