Navigating around mappings

You can show mappings and navigate around the Mapping Explorer view.

  1. In the Mapping Explorer view, expand the view of a project.

    Mappings are indicated by a double-end diagonal arrow icon.

  2. Double-click a mapping to show it in the Mapper Editor.

    The mapping is displayed in a compressed state. Schemas are displayed as hierarchical tree structure.

    Solid blue bullets indicate required schema elements, hollow blue bullets indicate optional elements.

    Layered bullets indicate repeating elements. Smaller round bullets indicate element attributes.

    Note: To optimize loading time, the Mapping Editor shows only the required schema elements and top-level schema elements connected to mapping elements.

    Follow these guidelines:

    • To see all connected elements, expand the elements view.

    • To drill down and see non-connected elements, expand individual schema elements view.

  3. Optionally, use the search feature to filter the list to view.

    In the Mapping Console view, click the Moogle tab and search in the input or output document.

    See Searching in a mapping.

    If an entry is used multiple times, select the occurrence in the presented alternatives.

  4. Perform these navigation tasks:
    Task Steps
    To display the complete input/output tree

    From the Mapping Editor context menu, select any of these options:

    • Select Expand Document to display all the connected schema elements in the tree.

    • Select Collapse Document to display only top-level elements of the tree.

    To locate mapping elements
    1. Open the Mapping Console View.

      Click the Moogle tab and search for elements in the input or output document.

    2. Double-click a row in a list to show the corresponding element in the Mapping Editor.
    To display the structure of a mapping

    Select Window > Show View > Outline.

    The Outline tab shows a hierarchical tree view of the mapping.

    To hide/reveal variables and constants

    From the Mapping Editor context menu, select any of these options:

    • Select Hide Variables and Constants to hide connected variables and constants.
    • Select Show Variables and Constants to display connected variables and constants.