Browse Events tab

The Browse Events tab consists of these sections:

  • Subscriptions
  • Events

You can expand each section by clicking the v button to the right, or collapse by clicking the ^ button to the right. By default, the Subscription section is expanded and the Events section is collapsed.

Note: This functionality replaces event recording using the Visualization and Administration UIs for Event Hub version 3.

This table shows the buttons that you can use to view and filter publishers, subscriptions, and events:

Button Definition
Refresh Subscriptions Click the refresh button to refresh the list of subscriptions.
Search subscriptions Specify your search query in this field.
Move buttons Click a move button to move the selected subscriptions to the other side.
Get events Specify the start time and click Get Events to show the list of events that meet the specified criteria.
Refresh events Click the refresh button to refresh the list of events.
Export events Click to export events in a downloadable file of the specified format.