Exporting M3 Business Engine data

Use this procedure to export data from the M3 Business Engine database to a zip file or file collection.

General information

  • The result of an export operation will, depending on the amount of data, be a .zip file or a collection of files ending with .dct and .dctmeta.
  • One or several files is always created regardless if it contains any data or not.
  • All selected tables, even those that are empty, will be included in the export result.
  • Log files can be downloaded, either from the Job Overview tab or from the Business Engine Files page.

    See Viewing and managing M3 Business Engine data management jobs or Managing M3 BE files.

Selecting tables to export

In the Export tab, a list of all tables is displayed (tables excluded from the list are join-tables). At the bottom left are the number of tables selected out of all available tables in the list. At the bottom, you can step forward or back in the list of tables. You can sort the list by clicking the column names. You can filter the list by specifying the table you are looking for in the filter field.

You can select tables in several ways:

  • Manually select tables by ticking the check boxes in front of the table name.
  • Select/deselect All tables by selecting the top check box.

    It is possible to deselect/select specific tables after you have selected the top check box.

  • Select to export using a template by clicking the Export with template button.

    During export, all tables available in this template will be used.

  • To export tables by date, select the Export based on date check box.

    See Export by date.