Creating an XSL Transform process

XSL Transform is used to translate XML documents into other formats such as HTML, plain text files, and XSL formatting objects. You can convert these subsequent formats into other formats, such as PNG images and PDF files. Use XSL Transform to select mappings and set other options for XSL Transform.

  1. Click the Processes tab.
  2. Click + and select XSL Transform.
  3. Select an XSLT Definition for the XSL Transform process.
  4. Specify these XSLT Definition Details:
    Doctype Public
    The visible document type.
    Doctype System
    The XSL Transform document system.
    The encoding type used by the XSL Transform.
    The XSL Transform method.
    The version used by the XSL Transform.
    Select a yes or no, to add indentation to the definition.
    Omit XML Declaration
    Select a yes or no, to not include XSL declaration.
    Select a yes or no, to make the XSL Transform independent.
  5. Click Add.