Managing read tokens in the source environment

Managing read tokens require the role M3BE-DBAdmin-ReadToken.
Note: A read token is required even if the source environment for the import operation is the same as the target environment.
  1. In the source environment, click the Import from Database tab on the Business Engine Data Management page.
  2. On the menu, select Manage read access. The tab displays a list of existing read tokens.
  3. To refresh the list, click Refresh.
  4. To revoke one or more tokens, select the tokens from the list and click the Revoke button. Click OK to confirm the action.
  5. To create a new read token, click Create. In the dialog, select the target environment and expiration time, max length is 90 days. Click Create.
  6. Download the read token and the token password.
    Note: This is the only time that the read token and the password are available.