Flat file processing in runtime

Here is an overview of processing flat file in runtime:

Step Process Details
Step 1 Detect A message received is identified and detected. You define the detection rules in Partner Administration tool.
Step 2 Process

Detected messages are processed based on process steps. You define the process steps in Partner Administration tool.

For inbound flat file messages, here are the typical process steps:

  • Convert the flat file to XML. IEC uses the flat file administration to convert flat file messages to XML.

  • Apply a mapping. You define in a mapping how to retrieve or store data in M3. You define a mapping in the Business Document Mapper tool.

Flat file definition in runtime:

Flat file definition in runtime

Flat file parser

Flat file parser 2

In IEC versions release earlier than 2.0, only XML files are detected by IEC and the conversion of Flat-to-XML is a required process step.

Starting from IEC version release 2.0 to the latest, the Flat and XML files are detected and managed in the same way. Although, if you will apply a mapping, the transformation to XML is still necessary.