M3-specific content for Infor Document Management

A content pack is provided by M3 and automatically installed in Infor Document Management. It contains this information:

Category Content Description
Document Type M3 Layout Template This document type is used for layout templates that are delivered by M3.

See KB 1974263 for the complete list of printer files.

Document Type M3 Layout Default document type that is used for layouts that are designed by customers.
Document Type A set of files named M3_xxxxxx, for example Customer Invoice or Supplier Invoice Default document type per type of generated business documents.
Microsoft Word files A set of files named ABC123PF.docx, for example OIS199PF Invoice.docx or MMS480PF Delivery Note.docx Microsoft Word files with layouts that are used for document design. Each printer file has a corresponding word file.
Access control list M3_LayoutTemplate Access control list that is used for Word documents.
Business Context Model

A set of entities, for exampleInforCustomerInvoice or InforSupplierInvoice

Business context models that are used by related information in H5. There are several files.