Adding a subscription

Use this procedure to add a subscription for the MECEventHubSubcriber channel.

Note: After you create a subscription, modify and then assign the subscription to a MECEventHubSubcriberchannel.
  1. Click + in Event Hub Subscriptions.
  2. Specify this information:

    Specify a predicate indicating that a subscriber is to receive a particular event.

    Use this subscription format:

    <Publisher>":"<DocumentName>[":"[<operation char>]]

    For example: M3:MITMAS:C
    Note: You can give one or more characters for operation characters. For example, “M3:MITMAS:CU”.
    Variable Definition and example
    <operation char> :C|U|D|S|X|F|Q|R
    Specify a brief description.
  3. Click Save.