Events table

This table shows the columns for the Events list view and their descriptions.

Note: You must get the events list first, before you can view the events table contents. The events are shown in an arbitrary order, decided by Kafka®. The events are not shown in chronological order.
Column Description
Partition The partition the event belongs to.
Timestamp The time when the event was received by the Event Hub.
Publisher The application that published the event.
Document The name of the data entity.
Operation The action on the document that triggered the event.
Elements The name-value pairs for the document data. Old values are shown within parenthesis.
Client Time The time when the event was published.
Tracking ID The ID to track a series of related events.
Offset The position of the event within its assigned partition.
Note: The Events list view uses a so called "infinite scroll pattern". This means that all events might not be shown. When you scroll to the end of the list, more events are automatically fetched and appended to the list.