Searching by status filter

You can use status filters to view different message states. Use this feature to efficiently search for messages that are active or have failed. You can also use the For Review filter to view messages and mark them as reviewed, so these messages are filtered off and you can proceed to review other messages.

Note: The message text There are messages that need your review. Select the "For Review" filter to see the messages is displayed in IEC if there are messages that require attention.
  1. In IEC, select Messages > Status.
  2. Select one of these status options:
    • All states: Shows all messages
    • All finished states: Shows only the finished and verified messages
    • All failed states: Shows all messages in failed status
    • All disregarded states: Shows all messages in disregarded status
    • All in-process states: Shows all messages currently being processed
    • All Reviewed: Shows all messages that are marked as reviewed
    • For Review: Shows all IEC highlighted messages that are not yet marked as reviewed
  3. Click Filter.
    The view shows an updated table list of messages based on your filter view criteria.