Advanced Search Wild Card

You can do a more specific advanced search using wild cards. Wild cards are search criteria that can contain any text related to the target agreement. These are specified by adding a "%" character before and after the target search string. A wild card search for agreements is shown below.

Note: Searching using wild cards depend on the search criteria specified. Apart from the example shown below, you can also specify a test and ident wild card and this gives you the option to input a wild card filter for the ident field. You can use a wild card in conjunction with a UUID.
  1. Go to Message > Advanced Search.
  2. Specify any available advanced search criteria fields.
  3. Specify the wild card search criteria in the Agreement field. Your input text must be preceded and followed by the "%" character.
  4. Click Submit.
    IEC will display all the agreements with the specified wild card word in any part of the agreement name.