Subscribed Event tab

The purpose of this tab is to describe the subscribed, or received, events. The Subscribed Event, Filtering, Published Event, and Fields tabs are laid out in a data-flow order.

The Subscribed Event tab consists of these groups:
  • Subscription
  • Field Metadata

This table shows the fields in the Subscription group:

Fields Description

The publisher name for the event subscription, for example “M3”.

This field is required.


The document name for the event subscription, for example “MITMAS”, for database events for the primary item table in M3.

This field is required.


The operation or operations for the event subscription.

You must select at least one of the operations.

The Field Metadata group consists of a list of fields which are used for the subscribed events. You must create these fields manually.

You can use these fields in the field lists for ISCHANGED Filtering, Key Value, and Copied Fields.

See Filtering tab.