Configuring Server Preferences

You must set up OAuth2 in Preferences before using OAuth2 for the first time in the Business Document Mapper.

The setup contains these requirements:

  1. The ION API file
  2. Valid Infor OS Portal credentials

A limitation with using the OAuth2 protocol is the 1-minute ION gateway connection timeout between the client and server. If the connection lasts longer than 1 minute, then the connection is terminated in ION gateway. After the connection is terminated, the request is still processed in Mapgen until the request succeeds or fails. Token-based connection addresses this issue by constantly checking for connectivity. If the connection fails, then the connection is no longer processed in Mapgen and you do not have to wait for the connection timeout issue.

A token-based asynchronous connection to Mapgen is used for server operations that may take longer than one minute to complete, for example, to publish a large mapping. If needed, you can extend the timeout to wait for Mapgen to complete the operation, just as before. When the Mapgen processing is complete, the result is shown in the mapping console as usual. The 1-minute ION gateway connection timeout should not affect this functionality.

Note: The IFS security role M3EC-ClientDesigntime is required for a user to connect the mapper to a server. See Required IFS security roles.

Follow these steps to configure Server Preferences.

  1. Select Window > Preferences > Mapper > Servers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Specify this information:
    Tenant ID
    The Tenant ID is automatically retrieved from the ION API file.
    Timeout (ms)
    Specify the timeout in milliseconds, before the connection registers a timeout connection failure.
    Load ION API File
    Use the ION API file that has been downloaded from the Infor ION API web page. See Downloading the ION API file.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select your Configured server location.
  6. Click Test Connection....
  7. Log on using your IFS credentials.
  8. Click Allow.
  9. Click OK.