Downloading the ION API file

You must download the ION API file when you configure OAuth2 for the first time. You can find this file from the Authorized Apps page in the Infor ION API page in Infor OS Portal. Follow these steps to get the ION API file.

Note:  The ION API file is used by all users who must connect the mapper to the server. You do not need to create or download a separate ION API file for every user. You need to create one ION API file per tenant. You must have access to ION API for this option to be available.
  1. Go to Infor ION API page.
  2. Click Authorized Apps.
  3. Click or search for Infor Business Document Mapper (M3), or the name that is specified in step 4 in Adding a custom authorized application.
  4. Click Download Credentials. Before downloading your access credentials, you can specify the timeout duration of the access token, to extend the period of access timeout.