Updating MBMTRN

You can generate data in the M3 program Business Message data translation. Specify Displ (CRS881) for the selected mappings using the standard API Reference. CRS881 is a Business Engine program that is used to manage records. MBMTRN update is responsible for generating metadata for M3 Business Engine data translations. All user functions in all published business message mappings in Infor Enterprise Collaborator are scanned for data translations when you update MBMTRN.

  1. Select Utilities > MBMTRN Update.
  2. Select the Cumulative check box.
    Note: Select the Cumulative option to prevent BE data loss.

    Selecting the Cumulative check box adds or updates MBMTRN records. Clearing the check box deletes unused MBMTRN records when you click Update.

  3. Select to update at least one of the API Reference names.
    You can only add or update Mappings with data translation in it.
  4. Select a Mapping Name to update.
    Note: All mappings are processed when there are no mappings specified.
  5. Click Update. A link to the task page is displayed.