General Information

Open an agreement to view general information, using the tools provided in Enterprise Collaborator Agreements.

The agreement viewing pane contains several buttons for managing agreements:

Button Function
Refresh Refreshes the agreement information.
Save Saves the changes you made to the agreement.
Delete Deletes the current agreement.
Duplicate Creates a copy of the current agreement.
Move Moves the current agreement to another location or agreement group.
Activate Activates the current agreement.
Stop Stops the current agreement.

General Information tab shows several fields of agreement information that you can view and edit.

Field Description
Name Shows the name of the agreement.
Creator Shows the name of the user who created the agreement.
Version Shows the version of the agreement. This is manually specified.
Priority Shows the agreement priority level.
Description Shows a brief description of the agreement.
Control Properties Shows the control properties of the agreement.
Notifications Shows any agreement notifications.