Editing schemas

The Infor Business Document Mapper does not provide functionality for editing of the input or output schemas. You can edit the schemas using an external XML editor. Before you can use an external XML editor, you must specify the path to an external XML editor in Window > Preferences > Mapper XML Editor.

Note: Editing the map file in an external XML Editor can destroy the mapping. You might not be able to open the edited mapping or to save the edited mapping to the server.

To properly edit the schemas, follow these guidelines:

  1. Edit the schemas in an external XML editor.
  2. Update the schema checksums.
    Note: Ensure that the mapping editor is closed before this operation.
    1. In Mapping Explorer view, right-click a Document node and select Update Document Checksums.
    2. Click OK to proceed with updating the document checksums.
      Note: If an included or imported schema is edited, both the checksum for the edited schema and the checksum for the schema including or importing the edited schema will be changed.
  3. Open the mapping to see your changes in the mapping editor.

    When opening the mapping there may be broken links if you have changed existing element or attribute names in the schema, or if you have changed a namespace.

    Note: The next time you save the mapping to the server, the old schemas are listed as removed, and the new schemas are listed as added. This is because the schema names have been changed due to the updated checksums. If you save, the changed schemas are changed in the Mapper Database.