Failure to remove a mapping folder

Managing the Resources could not be deleted error message

This error shows if you removed a mapping folder and this error is displayed: Resources could not be deleted.

Solve this by following these steps:

  1. Set the Heap memory. Select Windows > Preferences > General.

  2. Select Show Heap Status.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Click OK.

    The heap memory status indicator and a garbage bin icon are displayed at the bottom of Eclipse.

  5. Click the garbage bin icon to start garbage collection.

  6. Retry the delete operation.

If this does not work, restart Eclipse and then retry the delete operation.

Managing the Failed to remove error message

This error shows if you did not completely remove deleted mappings that are not displayed in Mapping Explorer View (MEV).

Solve this by ensuring that the mapping is deleted.

  1. Go to the standard Navigator view.

  2. Right-click the same mapping and select delete.