Configuring memory settings

Mapper is preconfigured with a maximum memory allocation of 1GB. In most cases, 1GB should be sufficient. If you work with huge mappings, you might encounter an OutOfMemory error. If this happens, increase the Mapper memory allocation.

  1. Create a shortcut link to this file: MAPPER_Install_Folder/eclipse.exe.
  2. Modify the Target property of the link. Use this format:

    MAPPER_Install_Folder/eclipse.exe -vmargs -XmsMINm -XmxMAXm


    • MIN is the minimum amount of RAM in megabytes, for example 512
    • MAX is the maximum amount of RAM in megabytes, for example 1000

    Example Target format: IBDMapper/eclipse.exe -vmargs -Xms512m -Xmx1000m