Creating a new version of a custom BOD

You can create a new version of an already existing custom BOD.

  1. Create new versions of the custom rules in Event Analytics Rules (EAR) by using Duplicate, for outbound BODs. See Running a rule and Deactivating a rule.
  2. Create a new version of the custom BOD mapping in IEC.

    You must publish the new mapping and regenerate the custom agreement.

    See Updating a custom BOD. You need to a different set of prerequisites for creating a new version of a custom BOD.

    The same steps apply exactly the same except for this use case where the user will update the version of the map.

    The version of the map is now critical for the updates. Only the latest version is automatically assigned to the agreement. If the version is updated to a lower version than the current, the map is published into the server but is not assigned to the agreement. See versioning rules for BODs for more information.

  3. This custom BOD agreement is used in new messages. Check the result in ION for outbound BODs or in M3 for inbound BODs.
    Completing these steps results in a new version of the custom BOD that works as a standard BOD of the same type.