Modifying layouts

You can modify the layout for a printer file by creating a new Word file, using the files delivered as M3 Layout Templates as the starting point.

Note: Always save the layout as M3 Layout Document Type before you start editing (or any other document type). Any file modifications that are made for the M3 Layout Template Document Type are replaced when an updated template is imported.
  1. In Document Management, click Control Center and select Development > Downloads.
  2. Click Output Management Word Add-in.
  3. Download and install IDMOutMgmtWordAddinInstaller.msi.
  4. In Document Management, click Add document.
  5. In Document Type, select M3 Layout Template.
  6. In Templates, select the applicable file. Set New Document Type to M3_Layout, and click Create.
  7. Specify the Attributes and click Save.
  8. Click Check Out.
  9. Click the Word file and use the Microsoft Word add-in to modify the layout.
  10. When the edits are completed, save the document in Word, and click Check In in Document Management.