Enabling and disabling profiling

The role M3BE-FndAdmin is required for enabling and disabling profiling for jobs for other users. Users with the role M3BE-FndUser can view their own jobs and if profiling is enabled or not but require the role M3BE-LogEnabler to also enable and disable profiling.

When profiling has been disabled or a job with profiling enabled is killed, or a job with profiling enabled has been stopped/closed, the profiler results are stored in a CSV file prefixed by "JOBPROFILER-". It can be downloaded on the Business Engine Logs page.

  1. Click Administration Tools > Business Engine Jobs.
  2. Right-click or mark a job from the list and select Profiling > Enable profiler to start the profiler on the job that does not have profiling activated.
  3. Right-click or mark a job and select Profiling > Disable profiler to stop the profiler on a job that has profiling activated.
    Note: When initiated, the profiler logging for a job will run until the job is closed or Disable profiler is selected.