Applying a font substitution table

  1. Open the main project InforM3MainProject.dcproject from the location where you installed the XMLStoryTeller project template.
  2. Double-click GlobalResources resource set.
  3. Right-click the table folder. Click New > table. Name the file fontmap.tbl, or something similar.
  4. Double-click the create table fontmap.tbl. This action opens the Edit program where you can define the font substitution table.

    You can add these lines to change the Arial font to Tahoma:

    Current string New string
    mapfont "Arial" "Tahoma"
    mapfont "Arial_Bold" "Tahoma_Bold"
    mapfont "Arial_Bold_Italic" "Tahoma_Bold"
    mapfont "Arial_Italic_Underline" "Tahoma_Underline"

    For further details, see the Exstream documentation.

  5. Save the file and exit.
  6. Double-click pltGlobalPlatform.
    1. On Platform, right-click the output connector FILE_PDF and select Settings.
    2. On Output Connector Settings - FILE_PDF, select the platform layer.
    3. Click the green square icon under Device Driver Settings to browse to the new font substitution table fontmap.tbl.
    4. On Browse for Resources, select the Global Resources resource set, then select
    5. Click OK.
  7. Repeat the previous step for other output connectors MAIL_PDF, ATTACHMENT_PDF, and IDM. You can also use the steps for PCL, MATRIX, and MAIL_HTML.
  8. Click Save and close Platform.
  9. To test the font substitution, export and deploy your application. Proceed with normal testing.