Prerequisites to importing configuration data

Note: These prerequisites apply only when importing already exported configuration data. These prerequisites do not apply when importing template configuration data delivered by Infor.

To import exported configuration data zip files to the M3 BE database, an M3 Cloud File Transfer (CFT) Client installation is required. Zip files with the exported data will be stored in the M3FILES path that is configured during the CFT Client installation. This same path is used during import. The full path that the tools use is [M3FILES]\MvxFileTransfer\config_data.

If configuration data must be moved between different environments or tenants, move the exported file from the [M3FILES]\MvxFileTransfer\config_data location of the current environment to the [M3FILES]\MvxFileTransfer\config_data location of the target environment.

Note: The config_data folder can be managed by using the M3 Business Engine Files administration tool.

See Managing M3 BE files.