Function elements overview

Functions define how to transform data from an input document and how to send the transformed data to the output document.

You can use input data and functions for calling information and the information returned by the function can then be written to the output document. For example, you can use an item number regarding a price request on a product as data for an input document. Other sources can also be used in functions.

Functions are predefined or user-defined. For user-defined specific transformations, use Java code.

To define the transformation sequence, drag the elements from the Functions palette and drop them in the space between the input and output-schema trees. This action will create a stack of elements performed from top to bottom.

Follow these rules in defining the transformation sequence:

  • When connecting elements in the Mapping Editor, you can drop elements on acceptable areas only.

  • To complement the Move Up/Down menu options, use drag and drop to move function and loop elements up and down in the mapping.

  • You can use output data from functions as input data in functions later on in the function sequence.

See Adding input/output parameters.