Updating a custom BOD

You can update an already existing custom BOD.

  1. Update the custom rules in Event Analytics Rules (EAR), for outbound BODs. See Rerunning a rule.
  2. Update the custom BOD mapping in IEC and keep the same mapping version.
  3. Republish the mapping.

    Import the custom BOD map into the server. See Importing mappings and Mapping management.

    We recommend that you always import a fresh copy of a map from the server before doing any modifications. This step makes sure that the properties are in Sync with the server copy. If you are working on an old copy of a map in your workspace, it is most likely outdated compared to the properties saved in the server.

    Once imported, you can proceed with actual modifications to the map. For this use case, there are no changes to the map version. For changes to the map version, refer to the other use cases. You must also ensure and confirm that the control properties defined are correct. See Adding control properties. If needed, you must also confirm the check order settings. See Configuring check order.

    Once the map is ready, publish the map to the IEC server. See Publishing mappings.

    These sub cases can happen when you publish a custom BOD map:

    • In the case where the custom BOD map is currently assigned to the custom BOD agreement, the updated published map is updated to its currently assigned agreement in the server. The control properties are also updated in the custom agreement. If check order settings are required by the agreement, then these settings are taken and updated as well in the server.

    • In the case where the custom BOD map is not assigned to the agreement, then the map is published without any modifications to the agreement.

    This information is provided in a future update.

    If the custom agreement this map is assigned to is active, then the next message to be processed uses this new and updated map.

    If the custom agreement this map is assigned to is inactive, then you must activate the custom BOD agreement for this map to be in use. See instructions on starting or stopping agreements in the server administration pages.

    You might need to update control properties before proceeding. Identify which BOD type needs check order settings and check order settings are updated before publishing. See Adding control properties.

  4. This custom BOD agreement is used in new messages. Check the result in ION for outbound BODs or in M3 for inbound BODs.
    Completing these steps results in an updated custom BOD that works as a standard BOD of the same type.