Creating a Partner Agreement

Use this procedure to create new partner agreements.

  1. Access the Agreement tree panel.
  2. Select the parent folder to contain your new agreement, select Insert Agreement.

    The parent folder for your agreement is your partner. This folder name is shown as your partner agreement name in EC Administration interface.

  3. Access the details panel.
  4. For your new agreement, specify this information:

    When creating message agreements ensure that all field definitions are completed. If only the "Name" field was provided, an exception error can occur resulting to the message staying in "Detect" state. When this happens, review and complete the agreement field definitions.


    Required name for this agreement.


    Optionally, type a brief description for this agreement.


    Optionally, specify a name for the agreement author.

    Set the version for this agreement.
    Set the numeric priority level for this agreement.
    Note: Agreements are prioritized depending on certain parameters.