Importing a company or division

  1. On the Business Engine Data Management page, click the Import from Database tab.
  2. Select a source environment by specifying a read token issued by the source environment administrator. See Managing read tokens in the source environment.
    1. Click Configure.
    2. Specify the read token and the read token password.
    3. Click Submit.
    4. Click OK.
  3. You now have two options:
    • To import data without using a template, then continue with step 4.
    • To import data using a template, then continue with step 7.
  4. Select a component.
  5. Select tables to import.
  6. Click Import and specify this information:
    Source company
    Specify the company in the source environment to copy. Only the selected tables where company=<the specified value> are copied.
    Target company
    Specify the company in the target environment to import to.
    All companies
    Alternatively, select to import all companies. Only the selected tables with a company field are imported.
    Filter on division
    Select this option to import a division.
    Note: Division copy should only be done within the same environment.
    Source division
    Specify a division to copy. Only the tables where division=<the specified value> are copied.
    Target division
    Specify a division to copy to.
    Include central division
    Normally, you do not require the central division (blank division) to be included. This should already exist in the environment.
    For the Select strategy field, specify this information:
    Replace existing records
    Select this option to identify records in target with duplicates in source that should be replaced by imported records.
    For example, tables like MITBAL that has CONO and WHLO as key but also a DIVI field not in key, will be replaced during import.
    Keep existing records
    Select this option to keep records in the target table.
    Clear target table
    Select this option to clear the target tables of all entries that match either the target company or division before import. If the check box Include central division is selected, the tool clears entries that contain the specified company and the central division.
    Save as template
    Specify a template name if you want to save this run as a template to be used in future runs. Valid characters are: a-z A-Z 0-9 . _ -
  7. Skip this step if you import without using a template. To import data using a template, click Import with template and specify this information:
    Select the template to use during import. This will populate the remaining fields based on the template. Optionally, the fields can be edited as described in step 6.
  8. Click Import. A BE Data Management Import from Database job is submitted.
  9. Click Job Overview to go to the Job Overview tab. See Viewing and managing M3 Business Engine data management jobs. When the job is finished, the data has been imported into the database.