Viewing and configuring logging

The role M3BE-FndAdmin is required for configure logging and log levels for jobs for other users. Users with the role M3BE-FndUser can view their own jobs and job logs but require the role M3BE-LogEnabler to also configure logging and log levels.

  1. Click Administration Tools > Business Engine Jobs.
  2. Right-click or mark a job from the list and select Logging > Configure Logging to edit, add, or delete log configuration for the job.
    1. Under Log levels, select the levels to enable logging for.
    2. Under Components, select the components to enable logging for.
    3. Under Concepts, select Enable Concepts to enable concept logging and use the drop-down to select the concept names to enable.
    4. Under Other Settings, use Backlog size to select the number of log entries to keep in the backlog, or select Log to file to save all log entries to a file on the host where the job is running. The file will contain all log entries, not only the backlog, and will be prefixed by "JOBLOG-". It can be downloaded on the Business Engine Logs page.
    5. Click Save to save the log configuration or click Delete to delete an existing log configuration.
      Note: A log configuration will be active for 4 hours and will then be automatically removed from the job.
  3. Right-click or mark a job that has logging configured and select Logging > View log to view the backlog of the job.
    1. Optionally, you can disable the Refresh automatically check box to stop refreshing the backlog while viewing it.
    2. Filter by Time, Level, or Message to display specific log entries.
    3. Click Export to download the displayed log entries as text file.