Adding a rule

A rule is a setting customization that you make that determines the access of a user or a group of users to features when you want that access to be different from the default. For example, if you want only certain users to create personalizations, your default setting for the option Enable the personalization tools would be disabled. By default, users cannot make personalization if the setting is disabled. Then, create a rule that can turn on Enable the personalization tools, that is, personalizations would be enabled for those users.

  1. From the application menu, select Administration Tools > H5 Administration > H5 Settings tab.
  2. Select the setting to be changed and click the Browse button.
  3. Click Add rule.
  4. Specify a name for the new rule. Use a name that describes the purpose of the rule. For example, if you are creating a rule to enable M3 managers to change personalizations, you can use Enable user personalizations for M3 managers.
  5. Toggle the Value button to enable or disable the setting.
  6. To add users individually, specify a User ID and click Add.

    To add users by role, specify a Group ID, or click the group selector on the right corner of the Group ID field and select a group. Click Add.

    Users or groups that are added are displayed in the box. To remove users or groups from the box, select the users and click Remove.

  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.