Configure future logging

The role M3BE-FndAdmin is required for configuring future logging for jobs for other users. Users with the role M3BE-FndUser can view their own jobs but require the role M3BE-LogEnabler to configure future logging.

Future logging can be set up to automatically start logging on new jobs that are started. Any future log configuration will be active for at most 12 hours before it is automatically removed.

  1. Click Administration Tools > Business Engine Jobs.
  2. To configure future logging, select Logging > Configure future logging.
  3. Right-click or mark a future log configuration and select Remove to remove it.
  4. Select Add to create, right-click or mark a future log configuration and select Edit to update an existing future log configuration.
    1. Specify the owner of the job.
      Note: This field is only editable if the user has the role M3BE-FndAdmin.
    2. Specify the name of the job.
    3. Specify how many jobs the log configuration should be activated for. Maximum is 5.
    4. Under Log levels, select the levels to enable logging for.
    5. Under Components, select the components to enable logging for.
    6. Under Concepts, select Enable Concepts to enable concept logging and use the drop-down to select the concept names to enable.
    7. Under Other Settings, use Backlog size to select the number of log entries to keep in the backlog, or select Log to file to save all log entries to a file on the host where the job is running. The file will contain all log entries, not only the backlog, and will be prefixed by "JOBLOG-". It can be downloaded on the Business Engine Logs page.
  5. Click Save to save the future log configuration or Close to discard changes.