Adding a replacement element

  1. Right-click the wildcard element and select Add Replacement Element.

    A list of available replacement elements is displayed. The list shows the namespace URI, prefix, and name for each replacement element. Replacement elements that are already added for the current wildcard element are omitted. You can use the search feature to find the correct replacement element.

    The search string is part of the value and is not case sensitive. You can use an asterisk (*) in the search string as a wildcard character, replacing zero, and one or many unknown characters. Use the drop-down arrow box for the search field to select the columns to search in.

  2. Select the replacement element and click OK.

    The replacement element is added as the last entry under the wildcard element.

  3. Right-click the replacement element and select Move Up to move the replacement element.

    When you move replacement elements, its grouping properties are automatically set, but you update it.