M3 BOD dependencies

The outbound initial load for Customer-, BillTo-, PayFrom- and ShipToPartyMaster must be carried out in a certain sequence. This is because the BODs refer to each other:

  • BillToPartyMaster refers to CustomerPartyMaster
  • PayFromPartyMaster refers to BillToPartyMaster
  • ShipToPartyMaster refers to CustomerPartyMaster

The correct sequence for sending the initial load is therefore:

  1. CustomerPartyMaster (OCUSMA table)
  2. BillToPartyMaster (OCUSMA table)
  3. PayFromPartyMaster (OCUSMA table)
  4. ShipToPartyMaster (OCUSAD table)
Note: This only applies to integrations that use one or more of the Customer-, BillTo-, PayFrom- and ShipToPartyMaster. See the details in the specific integration guides.