Customizing file names in the file connection point

You can specify a maximum of three custom properties that are included when sending messages to ION through IMS.

In the mapper, you can set the manifest item in your mapping and provide the preferred value, which is a custom property name or a predefined set of manifest constants.

  1. In the File Connection Point, click the Documents tab.
  2. Select the document to be configured with a custom file name.
    Note: The selected document must be a document for a write scenario.
  3. In the Write File Settings section, look for the File Name Pattern field.
  4. Specify [Custom_<propertyName>] or [Custom_Field<1/2/3>] as specified in the mapping and then continue with your preferred extension name. You can press Ctrl+Space in the field, select Custom_<<Name>> and then replace "<<Name>>" in the inserted string "[Custom_<<Name>>]" with your property name or "Field<1/2/3>". The field then changes color from red (invalid) to black.

    Mapping code: setManifestInfo(ManifestConstants.MAP_ION_CUSTOM + "FileName", fileName); // map:ionCustom_FileName

    File Name Pattern field in file connection point: [Custom_FileName].xml

    Mapping code: setManifestInfo(ManifestConstants.MAP_ION_CUSTOM_FIELD1, myFilename); // map:ionCustom_Field1

    File Name Pattern field in file connection point: [Custom_Field1].xml

  5. Click Save. To reflect the changes on the next created file, restart or start any document flow to which it is connected.