Validating mapping

Validation checks the consistency of the mapping details and the documents. You can validate a mapping at any time. When the mapping is saved to the server, generated, or published, it is automatically validated.

  1. Open a mapping in the Mapping Editor.
  2. Right-click an empty area on the Mapping Editor and select Validate.
  3. On the Mapping Console tab, review the detailed report.

    If an error occurs, click the link and review the error details.

    This table shows some of the checks performed when you run Validate on a mapping:

    Checks performed Check details

    Loops are controlled by a function element.

    If the controlling function element is a UBJ function, then it must be the first child of the loop.

    Data links Data links are made between source and target elements that use the same or compatible data type.
    Input/output root elements The input/output tree root element is defined in the input/output schema.
    Variables and constants Validate action checks for unused or unconnected variables and constants.
    Note: You can perform more checks when validating a mapping. To list all possible validation errors and warnings, run the command Validations in the console.