Configuring OpenText Cloud for M3

  1. Generate metadata for all printer functions that support configurable XMLs in program 'List and Printer programs. Configure' (CMS005). Select 3–'Printer files' and use F14='Gen standard'. This will create the standard configurations. From (CMS005), you can access many of the configuration functions through related options.
  2. Define a service type for configurable XML by creating an output service type in program 'Output Service Type. Open' (MNS217) with interface equal to XML. If a Streamfile application is used, a service type for that application must also be created in (MNS217).
  3. Define a service for configurable XML by creating a service identity in program 'Output Service. Open' (MNS216). On the E-panel, select an output service type with interface equal to 'XML' and select communication type equal to 5-'OpenText Cloud'. The user, password, and path should be provided by OpenText.
  4. Connect the service identity for XML or Stream file to the Printer file in program 'Output Service Selection. Open' (MNS204).
  5. Review the output medium defined in program 'Output Media Selection. Open' (MNS205). Existing output media *PRT = Printer, *FILE = File, *MAIL = Email are supported. To send the output to Infor Document Archive, Output medium must be *ARCHIVE = Archive be defined.
  6. Optionally, if program 'Std Document. Connect Media Ctrl Object' (CRS949) is used for a specific printer file, the interface defined in program 'Document Media. Open' (CRS116) is connected to the standard document in programs, 'Document. Connect Media' (CRS929) and 'Doc Media Control Object. Connect Media' (CRS949).
  7. Define the printer address in program 'Printer. Open' (CRS290). Only needed if output medium *PRT = Printer is used in program 'Output Media Selection. Open' (MNS205).
  8. Define the ISO language code for all languages in program 'Language. Open' (CRS010). The ISO language code is used when setting the Local field in the XML file.
  9. Run the printer function as normal. You can view the XML file or Stream file through related option 11-'View' in program 'Output. Manage per Job' (MNS270).