Main projects structure

This table shows the main projects that are delivered:

Projects References
M3BE_Exstream_Layout_XML_Base-16.0.0.YYYYMMDDmmss - referred to as the Base project for the rest of this document
M3BE_Exstream_Layout_XML_Forms-16.0.0.YYYYMMDDmmss - referred to as the Forms project for the rest of this document
M3BE_Exstream_Layout_XML_Ad-Hoc-16.0.0.YYYYMMDDmmss See Configuring Ad hoc reporting for OpenText Exstream.

The main difference between these projects is that in the Base project, language translations are sent in the XML while in the Forms project, the translation tables are installed in Exstream. Another difference between the two is that layouts are more defined in Forms project, and are specific for some country versions.