Adding projects to Exstream installation

  1. Extract the downloaded projects individually. Open the projects and create a release for each project.
  2. In the Communications Builder, modify the platforms according to the specifications from Open Text administrators. The HTTP connector and password files must be configured for all layers.

    See Platform - Input/output connectors.

    Mail server settings must be specified for the email connectors. Configuration of the IDM connector is optional, see Connecting Exstream to IDM.

  3. You can open the XML_Storyteller_Base_Project and export it as one release. This release should be deployed into the XML/Storyteller application as one single release.
  4. To deploy a release in the Management Gateway, use the web link supplied by OpenText. Log in to the Tenant, select the Application Domain and click the Deploy icon for the Application. After that, you can select the Project, Release and physical layer.
    Note:  The PageOut project is divided into sub-projects. For all sub-projects, they must be deployed using the script Labelsubdeploy:
    Labelsubdeploy ^<projectname^> ^<appname^> ^<physplatform^> ^<tenantname^> ^<tenantadmin^> ^<tenantpwd^> ^<ReleaseName^>

    The script must be used because of the option -keep-data, in the script. It is equivalent to clearing the check box Clear data on deploy. This option does not exist in the current version when deploying in the web-based Management Gateway.

  5. Test a printout from M3 and ensure that everything works as it should. Verify through the log if something is not working.