General and Wildcard element terminologies

For brevity, use these guidelines to refer to products mentioned in this user guide:

  • Business Document Mapper tool - BDM or Mapper.

  • Infor Enterprise Collaborator - IEC or EC.

    This product contains the IEC Server and the Business Document Mapper client tool.

  • Ion Grid - Grid

  • Lifecycle Manager - LCM

  • Business Engine - BE

  • UVJ function - User defined Void Java function

  • UBJ function - User defined Boolean Java function

  • REP function - Repository function

  • Mapper Database - The database repository for mappings.

    For ION this is one of the repositories. For IEC it is the EC database.

  • Mapper Server - The server where you generate, publish, and run mappings. For ION, this is part of ION Runtime Services. For IEC, it is part of the EC server.

  • Wildcard element refers to the wildcard schema component, that is the XML schema element "any".

  • Replacement element is an element that is used in instance documents as wildcard replacement contents, that is where the schema specifies a wildcard element.

  • Custom namespace is a namespace that is not defined in the main schema. The default namespace is defined in the main schema.

  • Custom prefix is a prefix for a custom namespace.

  • Custom schema is a schema where a custom namespace is defined. It is referenced from the instance document, not from the schema for the default namespace.

Note: Wildcard element terms are only used in the Mapper. These are not W3C terms.