Message lifecycle states

These are the message lifecycle states. You can view the log of message states from Enterprise Collaborator Administration > Events > Log page.

Message lifecycles states Description

Running or In-Process

This state indicates that you cannot take any action on a message, except if the message is also an ordered message.

For in-process and ordered messages, you can invoke Force Kill from the Ordered View. The Force Kill action will attempt to terminate the running process. Use Force Kill on a message that has been running unexpectedly longer than it should and is causing a build up of message into IEC.

You can access Ordered View from Enterprise Collaborator Administration > Messages > Ordered page.


This state indicates messages that have completed its process. You can remove finished messages.
Note: Finished messages are removed after 30 days.

Failed messages

This state indicates a failed message. You can do the Retry, Redetect, Remove, and Verify actions.

Rejected messages are considered as failed messages, but you cannot do the Retry and Redetect actions to them.

Note: Failed messages are removed after 60 days.

Waiting messages

This state shows after the dependencies are completed. Wait for these messages to be activated before you manually resume. The Resume action puts the waiting message back into process state.