Users of Flat File Definition tool

These topics provide you with a general understanding about all the aspects of the creation, management, and how Flat File Definition tool works in order to process flat file messages. This includes an overview of flat files, flat file messaging support in Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC), flat file definitions and Flat File Parser.

Appendix A describes the details of a flat file definition created manually using an XML editor of the user’s choice.

Appendix B contains examples and exercises about the available features of the Flat File Parser.

These topics does not provide details on how to create and maintain partner agreements to enable IEC Server to detect and process flat messages in run time. Also, these topics do not provide information about particular flat file formats, such as comma separated values (CSV).

The users of the Infor Enterprise Collaborator (IEC) Flat File Definition Tool are application engineers and business consultants who create, edit or validate flat file definitions for their flat file messages.

The users of Partner Administration Tool can also refer to these topics for flat file definitions and similar topics. These users manage the partner agreement information models and the IEC server to send and receive messages between users and their partners. Also, these users can have multiple messaging partners or multiple installations of IEC on a single server.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Users of Flat File Definition Tool must be knowledgeable in these topics:

  • XML and XML schemas (XSD)

  • Flat files and flat file messaging