General Information tab

The purpose of this tab is to manage general data for the rule.

The General Information tab consists of Name, Description, Revision, and Salience fields.

Below the Description field are the status and custom indicators. The rule status indicator shows whether the rule is Active or Inactive. The Notification messages are displayed at the bottom of the tab. These messages indicate successful activities in blue and errors in red. Whenever a message is given, for example when you validate a rule, that current tab is automatically switched to this tab.

Note: You cannot find the custom indicator in a standard rule.
Fields Description
Name Name of the rule.

You cannot change the name of a saved rule.

Note:  This is a required field.
Description Description of the rule.

Revision of the rule.

The revision number is automatically increased every time the rule is saved.

This field is read-only.


Salience is a form of priority where rules with higher salience values are given higher priority within the session.

For example, a rule with salience = 20 is completed before a rule with salience = 10 if the rules are under the same session. Only positive integer values are accepted.

Leave the field blank to disable salience.