Creating repository functions

  1. Double-click a mapping to open it in the Mapper Editor.
  2. From the Core Functions pane, click and drag the Boolean or Java function element.

    Drop it in the space between the input and output document trees to add a UBJ or UVJ function.

  3. Add parameters to your function.
  4. Name the function and its parameters, then edit the Java code.
  5. Save the mapping with the new functions.
  6. Right-click on the function and select Save to Repository.
  7. Select a server location to contain this repository function and click Finish.
  8. Confirm to insert a new repository function into the repository, or to overwrite an existing repository function.
  9. Review the function version to save to the server and click OK.
    • The version for a new repository function is 1.0.

    • The category for a new repository function is Default.