You can use the Datatranslator to load translations using M3 Data Translator. You can use reloading functions available in the M3 Data Translator page to retrieve records from M3 Business Engine (M3 BE) and add priorities for the M3 Data Translator schedule.

Access the data translator page by selecting Enterprise Collaborator Administration > Utilities > Datatranslator.

You can translate or convert string data going to (outbound), or received from (inbound) a partner from one form to another. This is called data translation and applies only to string data. It does not apply to the numeric value of a string data. For example, you can translate the received string data "KG" to "kg", but their corresponding numeric values do not change.

On this page where Translations are loaded, you can utilize M3 Data Translator (former known as MECDataTranslator) Controls.

Datatranslator has several features:

  • Click the Reload link to reload DataTranslator and return immediately.
  • Click Check properties to include parameters such as user environment, reloading schedule, and translation data expiration in the Datatranslator printout.

  • Click Dump translation data to return a link to save the translation data in a CSV log file format.
Note: Only 20,000 records are retrieved in IE when downloading translation data. All records beyond the 20,000 limit are disregarded.

The reload operation retrieves the data from M3 and saves it in the IEC database. This process runs in the background and automatically updates the cache.

When you click Dump Translation data, this operation writes the cache to a file for download.